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Who We Are


Westwood is a family composed of many gifted Servants just like you, who join teams that fit their gifts, personal styles and availability.

Serving at Westwood Community Church can mean:

  • Experiencing the small group feeling within the large body, while doing kingdom work.
  • Finding a place to embrace your passion whole-heartedly
  • Discovering God’s idea of rewarding purpose
  • Feeling an important part of the family whole
  • Finding joy that really comes when your gifts are utilized
  • Growing in your walk with the Lord while you serve Him
  • Servant Ministries exists to connect the God-given gifts of Westwood Community Servants to purposeful service and mission appointments

This is accomplished by:

  • Completing a Profile and Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • Assessing above with a Ministry Advisor
  • Considering Invitations to Ministries that might become a fit for your gift mix